Current Beauty Favourites (Early Autumn 2015)

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What's this a new post, I bet you guys are as shocked as I am haha. Well I figured it was about time I let you in on a few beauty gems that have been on my radar over the last few months. It's way too late to call this post "September Favourites" so lets just call it my Current Beauty Favourites shall we?

Tarte Bling It On Blush Palette 2015
NYX Butter Glosses
When it comes to nail polish top coats I have quite high standards, so when I found this one I thought I was set. Fast forward a few months and I may be eating my words, this cheap as chips offering from Sally Hansen has bowled me over. It's incredible, I can go over a week and my nails are still chip free. Not bad for a a fiver, right?

I may be missing the warm weather but I couldn't wait to delve into my Autumn nail polishes, and this muted, dirty blue is absolutely stunning. I hardly ever re-paint my nails the same colour but with this one I couldn't help myself, it could quite possibly be one of my favourite Essie shades ever. Coming from this nail-aholic that is quite the statement!

I tend to be quite low maintenance with my hair and prefer to let it dry naturally, but when I do feel like using my hair dryer I always turn to some sort of spray to help amp up the volume. This particular thickening spray has been my most recent go-to, I've never heard of this brand before (it came in my Space NK GWP) but I can definitely understand why it's called "Dallas" it certainly gives you big "beauty queen" worthy hair.

Ok, so this one isn't a new discovery I rave about it all the time, I'm currently on my second tube for goodness sake, but it's actually the combination of this and the product below that make them a "re-discovered" favourite.

For the past few weeks I've been applying a bit of the Nars concealer on the back of my hand and mixing in a blob of this bb highlighter. Together they are the perfect under eye duo, offering coverage and brightening those dark circles all at the same time. I do have to set them with a power because my oily under eyes are no match for anyone, but I've been loving this combo.

Tarte Bling It On Blush Holiday Palette 2015
This little beauty is why I shouldn't venture onto the Sephora website late at night (ahem). Despite the fact that we're going to Florida in November, I just couldn't wait and can you blame me? This palette has every shade you could need and the pigmentation is exceptional.

These eyeshadow sticks aren't exactly the cheapest option out there, but boy are they beautiful. This shade is "the" epitome of a one wash eyeshadow colour, it's a grey with a hint of purple and I can't get enough. It's super creamy and bends like a dream, I also love to pack Pewter from the Lorac Palette over the top to intensify the colour.

I know I mentioned one of these glosses in my last favourites post but seeing as they are now available online at Selfridges (hallelujah) I thought I would just reiterate why I love them. They have a glossy finish, give smooth application and have high pigmentation, oh and they're cheap too, what's not to love? If, even after all that you still need some convincing just look at the swatches below!

By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock
As always let me know what products you've been loving over the last few months? Also leave me some tv recommendations!

XOXO Claire

Plus Size OOTD | No White After Labour Day

White items of clothing are notoriously difficult to wear, especially for curvy, clumsy girls like myself. But when I saw this blazer in the H&M sale, I just knew I had to add it to my wardrobe. It's a really classic piece that you can dress down with jeans (like I've done today) or wear over a dress with heals, for a more evening appropriate look.
White Blazer
White Blazer
green mirrored aviator sunglasses
Accessorize Galaxy Pave Disc Ring
T Shirt | Primark
Blazer | H&M Sale
Awkward bitch face | My Own (hehe)

This blazer cost a bargainous £15 and considering the amount I've worn it, it's worth every penny! I decided to make the blazer the main focus, so I stuck with the whole monochromatic theme. I paired this £6 Primark t-shirt, with a pair of high waisted black jeans (here's a tip fellow curvy girls, they are great for sucking in the tummy and flattening it out, just make sure they have a bit of stretch). Standard black boots and my current favourite faux mirrored aviator sunglasses. I will be very sad the day I have to retire these babies for Autumn/Winter. Considering the weather right now, that day doesn't look too far away.

The one downside I've found with wearing this blazer, and white clothing in general is that your can't really eat desert. It's a little too dangerous in my opinion hehe!

How do you feel about white blazers? Do you currently have one in your wardrobe?

XOXO Claire

Order Of Business

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Who else loves watching other people apply their make up? (No not in a stalker way) I just find it interesting to see the different combinations of products and in what order other ladies apply their warpaint. On the train, public restrooms, make up counters, girl friends, seriously I find it fascinating. (I know, I don't get out much haha)
Real Techniques Brushes
So here is the order of how I apply my face:
Primer ( If I can be bothered).
Under-eye concealer.
Conceal those pimples.
Powder the t-zone.
Contour the heck out of my non-extant cheekbones.
Eye primer.
Blend, blend, blend, my eyeshadow.
Highlight (Again, if I can be bothered).
That days lip product of choice.

My favourite step is definitely foundation (especially on a bad skin day, which unfortunately seems to be more often than not lately, but that's another story). Evening out my skintone is a must for me, as I suffer from quite a bit of redness around my cheeks. For me having a good, even canvas, makes applying everything else so much easier. That's where the majority of my time is spent, though I probably spend more time than the average beauty blogger fussing with my mascara, I'm so thankful for spooleys, gone are the days of using tweezers to separate my lashes. (Yes, I did that!)

Now it's your turn, do you apply your make in a different way to me? Are you a beauty stalker too? What is your favourite beauty step?

XOXO Claire
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