Sunday, 26 October 2014

Expensive Disappointments

Finding out products don't live up to your high expectations is always disheartening, especially when they have been hugely hyped up, and even more so when they cost as much as your weekly shop. Here are a few things that just didn't wow me.
Disappointing Products
// Macadamia Flawless £23 //
I really wanted to like this product, especially as it's a shampoo and conditioner in one (hello lazy ass girl right here) but I just found it didn't clean my hair. It wasn't shiny and I'm one of those people who love that squeaky hair feeling, and I didn't get that. Maybe it might work for people who have very dry, chemically teated hair, not oily like mine.

// Marc Jacobs The Lolita Palette $59 //
 Now I don't hate this palette, it's stunning how could I. I just think it's expensive for how many shadows you get. For example the Lorac Pro Palette has more shades and is cheaper. Don't get me wrong I love the packaging but I just don't reach for it.

// Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel £28 //
 Another product I don't necessarily hate, I just think it's ok. It probably doesn't help that my skin has been the worse it's ever been, so I'm currently trying to figure out what that issue is. For a while I thought it might be this cleanser but I'm still not sure. It does remove make up really well but I don't like using it in the morning, my skin never feels truly clean. As I've mentioned I like the squeaky feeling haha.

// Omorovicza Queen Of Hungary Mist £46 //
Sorry I just don't get the hype surrounding this one, it's an ok smelling facial mist, but that's about it. The price is absolutely eye watering and I didn't notice it did anything out of the ordinary to my skin, sorry.

// Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Primer £19.50  //
This one makes me really sad, you guys know how much I love B&B but I couldn't get on with this primer, it made my hair super greasy, so much so that my mum asked when I was going to wash my hair, hello, I just did. I will keep trying with it but... who wants greasy hair? Not me that's for sure.

// Benefit The Porfessional Anti Zero Shine Powder £23 //
This one may just be a little too gimmicky for me. I never reach for it mainly due to it's fussy packaging, removing the lid, tapping out the product, tipping the excess back, nahh.

Please take this post with a pinch of salt, just because these products didn't work for me doesn't make them bad. Everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes, this is just my two scents.

What luxury products have disappointed you recently?

XOXO Claire
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

Eye creams have never really been something I often bothered with, not only are they an extra step in my already 3 hour skincare routine (bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean). The ones that I've tried either left my under eye area too hydrated, so concealer would slide around, or sore, red and irritated.

A few month ago this little product from First Aid Beauty caught my attention, and its concept definitely intrigued me.
Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy
Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy
Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy
First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy // £26 // Link

 The eye cream itself is a salmon colour and contains light reflecting particles to really help brighten and illuminate the under eye, but the most unusual feature, which I have to confess I haven't come across before is it's metal tipped applicator. As it's cold it really helps to work the product into the skin, a godsend if you've had little or no sleep, it really wakes you up and feels so refreshing. Here's a before and after shot.

// Before //
Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy Before
Product Review | First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy After
// After //

(Let me just apologize for my skin I honestly don't know where to start, it's been absolutely horrendous for over a month, lets just say it's a work in progress. Skin always seems to get worse before it gets better, so fingers crossed. I know I could have photoshopped it out for the purpose of this post, but I wanted to "Keep It Real" can I get an Amen!)

Anywho sorry to digress, you can see my under eyes definitely look more awake and brighter, obviously trying to capture the difference on camera was quite difficult but you get the gist. It does offer more coverage than your average eye cream without being overly hydrating, it's just the right amount.

So how do I apply it? Well right after my moisturiser I make three dots under my eyes and using gentle swirling motions melt the product into the skin. It does take a few tries to get the right amount of product out, that's one thing I would probably change, but oh well, you can't have everything. As for price, I think it's pretty reasonable as eye creams go coming in at £26, it's definitely a unique product that does the job and as you only need a small amount I can see it lasting quite a while.

I can now say I look forward to applying my eye cream in the morning and that's definitely not something I thought I would ever hear myself say haha!

Have you tried this eye cream? What are your favourite First Aid Beauty products?

XOXO Claire
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Saturday, 18 October 2014

What's In My Bag? (Updated)

New season = it's time for a bag change! The bag in question is a gorgeous grey drawstring bucket bag, with a faux suede front panel from Boohoo. It was love at first click and it's been by my side ever since. This thing can seriously hold a lot of stuff, but lets see whats inside it today shall we?
What's In My Bag?What's In My Bag?
What's In My Bag
Bag // Keira Suede Effect Drawstring Duffle Bag // Boohoo // Link
Purse // Ted Baker Rose Gold Patent Leather Purse // Similar
Phone Case // H&M // Link
Make Up Bag // Charlotte Tilbury // Link
Sunglasses // Ray-Ban Wayfarers // Link
Camera // Panasonic Lumix
Ipod & Headphones //
Notepad & Pen // Sainburys
Hand Sanitiser //
Starburst //
Daisy // Cockapoo // Priceless

I was missing a grey bag from my wardrobe and this one is so versatile,  it goes with absolutely everything. Plus it was super inexpensive, not like the MK one I bought a few weeks ago, opps. Until I gather enough courage to take MK out for a spin this one will do the job just fine!

Don't let the cute picture of Daisy fool you, earlier this summer I found her out in the garden with said Ted Baker purse, naughty monkey, luckily it was unharmed. I think she has a penchant for rose gold haha.

P.S I know I'm not the only one who carries around half eaten bags of starburst? Am I right haha.

XOXO Claire
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